I dance. I paint. I teach. I help brands refurbish their salience. And I write.

For, life to me, is just an unending process of touching base with my inner self, an effort to break the shackles of mediocrity through creation - in whatever form the soul desires its nourishment.

Sometimes they are a catharsis. At others, they are just the natural extension of my being, as usual as the breaths I take.

I dance, not because it is the applause that I seek - I dance for that brief moment when the performance ends and before the applause starts. I paint, not because the colours take forms that attract the eyes of the discerning - I paint because the way the empty canvas gets a life of its own, is in itself a triumph of the soul. I teach, not because I want to cram minds with academic victuals - I teach because I want touch and transform.

There is something blingy and fantastic about the dreams
The dreams of being a butterfly, not a moth
Ageless, deathless, never fading, never ending kinda bling
Shiny and shamelessly proud
© somolekha




And I write. I write, not because I seek acclaim ... I dance and write and paint and teach, for the sake of doing what fills me with joy, for, they are little steps that urge me on, to discover the secret recesses of my inner self.

And of all the things that I do, I like writing the most - the scratching on the nib on the paper, the flowing of the ink, that help words take form. Words, that string themselves into thoughts. Thoughts, that leap out from the pages that try to contain them, to engage the mind of those caressing them with their eyes ...

I love to write, for I consider the written word sacred. And the thoughts they convey? The highest form of spirituality, my portal to my soul.


I completed my schooling in 2001. Then to college for the next three years, where I majored in English. My search for knowledge not satiated, I went on to complete my first major, again in English, which I had followed up with a B.Ed. While I was still focussed academically, I had my papers published, apart from achieving the usual so-called landmarks that one attains in the campus fest circuit.

Moving on, I also did the next natural thing that people armed with B.Ed. degrees do - I joined a school as a teacher. Well, to cut a long story short, things were not any better on the other side of the classroom and a quick stint in an advertising agency, BBDO - no less, followed. One agency led to another and Pressman followed BBDO, which in turn made way for Azure.

I took a Sabbatical to do a second stint of post grad - this time in Mass Communications, with which I went back to Azure, where I am currently the Chief Operating Officer. And yes, in the 16 years that have passed from the time I left school. The wide eyed wonder of the young girl is gone: cynicism does the usual rounds with ceaseless abandon, as do moments of ecstasy, wonder and other feelings, both existence defining, exciting and boringly mundane.

Feelings I have continued to pour from the ink side of my pen. Feelings, that surface with gay, sometimes even morbid abandon from unknown corners of my perched soul. Poems, that have been the gist of two books that I have authored already. Poems , that will also be the content of the third book that I am now working on.

Poem- in-Progress, just like the Work-in-Progress they feature in the Balance Sheets of their lives. After all, our words too are words, just like their words. Ours talk to value of life, theirs of the costs.