Creativity is always beautiful ... always ready to be focussed and channelized towards various directions.

"This is indeed a strip of gold... that we come across here in Somolekha's unassuming succinct verses,....in this dizzy juncture of globalization.....we get a genuine ethnic cue to her innovative idioms (my summer dress started fragrance-ing) and remain duly grateful to her."

Alokeranjan Dasgupta
Scholar Emeritus, Heidelberg University
& Elisabeth Guenther
Professor of English, Nurnberg University

Daughter, sister, lover, wife, mother ... in their eternal quest to fit in, very few have either the time or the inclination to be the 'woman' that they were born to be. Somolekha is one of the chosen few. One of the handful who have traversed beyond the ordinary, escaped from the mundane to embrace the eternal, answering the call of the inner self.
She has been a teacher, an advertising executive, a corporate amazon. But it is the tapestry of feelings that she weaves with her words that sets her apart, helping her stand tall - head and shoulder above the rest.

Subhabrata Ganguly
Editor of Core Sector Communique

Ecstatic, imaginative, impulsive and spontaneous... that's how you can mark the four corner flags of her mind space. She can dabble with words, drbble with expressions and can immerse herself in emotions....poignantly. That's how Somolekha's poems are truthful to her ownself, coming straight from the heart, from life. Wish she flies high.

Debasish Sen Sharma
Avant garde film maker and literary person

Whispering dew drops, musical rain, moonlit foaming waves and marooned twilight.... these have enriched Somolekha's poetic creation. One would find a blend of feelings, philosophy and verses... and it might even turn a casual reader into a poetry lover.

Debiprasad Ray